GLBT Interest Group 2015 Conference Program

GLBT IG 2015 Conference Program

San Francisco, CA, August 6-10, 2015 

Thursday, August 6

10 am to 11:30 am

co-sponsored with Religion and Media Interest Group

Research Panel Session: Media, Religion, and the Same-sex Marriage Debate Since Massachusetts

Moderating/Presiding: Dean Mundy, Oregon


Mediating Marriage Equality: Evolving Frames of the Same-sex Marriage Debate Over Time, Leigh Moscowitz, Charleston

Media and Marriage, Then and Now, Nick Lasorsa, Texas at Austin

From Condemnation to Ambiguity: The Evolution LDS Church’s Position on Same-sex Attraction, Chiung Hwang Chen, Brigham Young Hawaii

Truce in a Culture War? The Curious Case of Religion and Gay Marriage, Debra Mason, Missouri

5 pm to 6:30 pm

co-sponsored with Minorities and Communication Division

PF&R Panel Session: Minorities Among the Minorities: (In)Visibility, the Media, and the LGBTQ,

Black Nationalists, and Native American Communities

Moderating/Presiding: Kathleen German, Miami


Bruce Drushel, Miami

Rondee Gaines, Miami

E-K Daufin, Alabama State

Masudul (Mas) Biswas, Loyola

Kathleen German, Miami

Friday, August 7

1:30 pm to 3 pm

Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

Egalitarian Values and Media Use: An Examination of Gay Rights Supporters’ Traditional and New Media Habits, Tien-Tsung Lee, University of Kansas; and Gary Hicks, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

 Inching Away from the Toy Department: Daily Newspaper Sports Coverage of Jason Collins and Michael Sam’s Coming Out, Bill Cassidy, Northern Illinois University

 Strategic Communication Through Social Media by LGBTI NGOs, Nathian Rodriguez, Texas Tech University

 The Instagrammed Trans Body: The Renegotiation of Gender and Bodies in the Instagram-based Transgender Community, Minjie Li, Louisiana State University

“A Symbolic Sacrifice”: Journalists’ Coverage of Queers Challenging The University of Texas, José Araiza, University of Texas

5 pm to 6:30 pm 

co-sponsored with Cultural and Critical Studies Division

 Research Panel Session: Orange is the New Black: Redefining Gender, Sexuality and Difference Through Prison Representations

Moderating/Presiding: Dean Mundy, Oregon


Katie Foss, Middle Tennessee State

Tara Kachgal, research consultant, Chapel Hill, NC

Rebecca Kern, Manhattan College

Clare Bratten, Middle Tennessee State


Saturday, August 8

1:45 pm to 3:15 pm

co-sponsored with Community Journalism Interest Group

PF&R Panel Session: San Francisco and the Heart of the LGBT Movement

Moderating/Presiding: Ed Alwood, Quinnipiac 


Chris Bull, former Washington Correspondent from the Advocate

Rink Foto, San Francisco Bay Times

Andrew Stoner, California State Sacramento

Cynthia Baird, news editor, Bay Area Reporter

5:15 pm to 6:45 pm

Refereed Paper Research Session: Local, National, & International News Coverage of GLBT Politics, Sports, and Community

Moderating/Presiding/Discussant: Laurie P. Honda, University of Oregon

Can We Talk? Kenyan LGBTI Advocates and Media Representatives Launch a Conversation, Teresa Mastin, Alexandra Murphy, and Dustin Goltz, DePaul University; and Jason Zingsheim, Governors State University

Harvey Milk’s Political Columns, 1974-1978, Heidi Mau, Temple University *Top Student Paper

 The Heartbeat of a Locker Room: Reactions to Jason Collins and Michael Sam Coming Out, Monique Robinson, Timothy Luisi, and Mugur Geana, University of Kansas

The Role of Ideology in Media Framing of Same-Sex Marriage, 1998-2014, Dominic Lasorsa, Jiyoun Suk, and Deepa Fadnis, University of Texas at Austin

Use of Pro- and Anti-GLBT Organizations in the News: A Longitudinal Content Analysis, Joseph Cabosky and Rhonda Gibson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill *Top Faculty Paper

7 pm to 8:30 pm

Members’ Meeting

Moderating/Presiding: Tara Kachgal


Sunday, August 9

11 am to 12:30 pm

co-sponsored with Commission on the Status of Women

Teaching Panel Session: Teaching Gender in Journalism and Mass Communication Courses

Moderating/Presiding: Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh, Butler


Barbara Barnett, Kansas

Tracy Everbach, North Texas

Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh, Butler

Leigh Moscowitz, Charleston

Erica Ciszek, Houston

James Carviou, Missouri Western State


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Dis[curse]ive – Latest edition of newsletter

The summer 2015 edition of the GLBT Interest Group’s newsletter is available here:


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Paper Call for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Interest Group

Paper Call for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Interest Group

AEJMC’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Interest Group seeks submissions of original research on any topic related to sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender orientation, and journalism or mass communication for the 2015 AEJMC national conference. Both faculty and students are strongly encouraged to submit their unpublished work, and papers employing all methods of inquiry and theoretical frameworks are welcomed.

In previous conferences, papers included quantitative analyses pertaining to news coverage of same-sex couples’ health insurance benefits and professional athletes’ coming out stories, as well as critical/cultural analyses of GLBT images in strategic communication campaigns and historical analyses of GLBT individuals and media institutions. We especially welcome scholarship dealing with topics such as:

1) GLBT content, consumption, and production across traditional and new media platforms;

2) transgender, queer, and/or genderqueer individuals and communities;

3) GLBT activism and advocacy, including local, state, and/or federal legislative (in)action (i.e., marriage equality, ENDA, safe schools initiatives, immigration, post- DADT, hate crimes, etc.);

4) sexual and gender identity within institutions (academia, collegiate and professional sports, the military, etc.).

Communication scholarship with ties to the 2015 AEJMC Conference site, San Francisco, is particularly encouraged. Paper submissions must comply with the AEJMC uniform paper call; may be no longer than 25 pages, excluding tables, figures, and references; and contain no identifying information. Please refer to submit-clean-paper/ for detailed information on submitting papers for blind review.

The GLBT Interest Group is pleased to provide monetary awards and recognition for top student and faculty papers:

Top Student Paper Award: The GLBT Interest Group encourages graduate student submissions in its Top Student Paper competition. To be considered for the competition, papers must be wholly the work of students. The author(s) of the top student paper award will receive $200 and a certificate in recognition of their work.

Top Faculty Paper Award: The top faculty paper submitted to the GLBT Interest Group will also receive an award. Papers written solely by faculty, or papers co-authored by faculty members and students, are eligible. The author(s) of the top faculty paperaward will receive $200 and a certificate in recognition of their work.

Additional information about the GLBT Interest Group can be found at Questions regarding submissions should be e-mailed to the GLBT Interest Group Research Chair, Laurie P. Honda (

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Dis[curse]ive – Latest edition of newsletter

The fall 2014 edition of the GLBT Interest Group’s newsletter is available here:


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Tara Kachgal Elected New Head of GLBT Interest Group


Tara Kachgal was elected as the new head of the GLBT Interest Group for 2014-2015, succeeding Tien-Tsung Lee. Tara served as vice head of interest group in 2013-2014.

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Top Paper Awards Presented at 2014 Conference

The GLBT Interest Group presented top research paper awards on August 8, 2014 at the annual convention of AEJMC in Montreal.

Top Faculty Paper: Edward M. Kian and Danny Shipka


Research Chair Lori Blachford presents Edward M. Kian, Endowed Welch-Bridgewater Chair of Sports Media, Oklahoma State University, School of Media and Strategic Communications, with the Top Faculty Paper award, co-written by Danny Shipka of Oklahoma State. The paper was titled “Sports Journalists’ Framing of Gay NBA Player Jason Collins.”

Top Student Paper: Jose Andres Araiza


Research Chair Lori Blachford presents Jose Andres Araiza of The University of Texas at Austin with the Top Student Paper award, titled “Saying Goodbye to Men: Southern Feminists Publishing News While Challenging Patriarchy.”

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Updated 2014 Montreal Conference Schedule

Thursday, August 7

3:15pm-4:45pm Teaching Diversity in Strategic Communication: Examining the Changing Landscape for Media Educators (Sole-sponsored Teaching Panel)
Recently, Lou Capozzi, PRSA Foundation president noted, “The public relations profession is lacking in diversity, and as professionals we are not keeping up with the progress being made in corporate America and in other professions.” Given the changing landscape of corporate America and the call for public relations to address issues of diversity, this panel explores teaching diversity in the public relations curriculum. This panel pushes the concept of diversity and works to explore how race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national or ethnic origin, age, and ability operate in the public relations classroom. As public relations instructors, how do we work to increase diversity in our curriculum and classroom to reflect the changing landscape of the profession?  What methods do we use to implement diversity in our classes? What obstacles do we face? How does our own identity play out in our pedagogy? Given the increasing emphasis placed on diversity in the profession, how do we navigate diversity in the curriculum and in our own classes? This panel draws from a diverse population of public relations scholars and instructors at diverse institutions and at various academic ranks.

Moderating/Presiding: Erica Ciszek, Oregon


Brigitta R. Brunner, Auburn

Dean Mundy, Oregon

Tien-Tsung Lee, Kansas

Richard D. Waters, San Francisco

Jennifer Vardeman-Winter, Houston


5pm – 6:30p Exploring Cutting-Edge Methodologies for Researching Gender & Sexuality in Mass Communication(with Commission on the Status of Women)- Invited Research Panel Session:
The GLBT Interest Group and Commission on the Status of Women will co-sponsor a research panel exploring cutting-edge methods for researching gender and sexuality issues in mass communication. Philosophically, scholars should be open to innovative research approaches, especially when we study marginalized groups. By treating our respondents as subjects/participants instead of objects, and connecting with them from the start of the research process, we may collectively decide what new knowledge is needed and how to gather and analyze it. Panelists will discuss synchronous chat-base interviews, photo voice, multimodal critical discourse analysis, participatory and community based research, and multi-sited ethnographic methods.

Moderating/Presiding: Katie Place, Saint Louis


Erica L. Ciszek, Oregon

Amanda Kennedy, Maryland

Lana Rakow, North Dakota

Kim Trager-Bohley, Indiana-Purdue-Indianapolis

Friday, August 8

12:15pm (AEJMC-wide Scholar-to-Scholar Poster Session)

Come enjoy hearing cutting-edge scholar presentations by some of our winning authors.  This is you opportunity to have face-to-face discussions with the researchers and exchange research ideas.  This session will feature up to five of our winning paper presentations.

1:45pm – 3:15pm So You Said You Wanted a Job: How Should Doctoral Students Prepare Themselves for the Job Market (with Graduate Student Interest Group) – PF&R Panel Session:
Completing a dissertation is already an overwhelming task; students rarely have the time or energy to think too much about the process of applying for jobs. At a time when the job market is very competitive, successfully navigating the job search is critical. When should doctoral candidates start their job search in academia? Which kinds of materials are needed? What should the cover letter say? How do you prepare for a phone interview and on-campus visit? In addition, for GLBT-identified applicants, candidates who are international scholars or members of a racial minority, are there specific issues to address in your application? Tips will be given by veteran search committee chairs and those who have recently secured a faculty position. Employment options outside academia will be discussed as well.

Moderating/Presiding: Jeffrey Riley, Florida


Peter Bobkowski, Kansas

Yvonnes Chen, Kansas

Tien-Tsung Lee, Kansas

Jason Shepard, California State – Fullerton

Molly Yanity, Quinnipiac


3:30pm – 5pm Ethics and Objectivity in Covering Your Own Community (with Minorities and Communication Division) – PF&R Panel Session
Is objectivity a remote possibility, especially when you cover your own community? Recent years have seen an increase of openly gay reporters as well as newsmakers. GLBT-related issues have been receiving more coverage, too. How do GLBT-identified reporters handle such topics? Also, do journalists who are racial minorities themselves have similar concerns when they cover members of their racial or ethnic groups and issues affecting their own communities? What parallels or lessons can be drawn from the experiences of gender or racial minorities as they became a part of mainstream journalism? Practitioners and academics on this panel will discuss these issues.

Moderating/Presiding: Dean Mundy, Oregon



Edward M. Alwood, Quinnipiac

Bobby Calvan, National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association

Josh Grimm, Lousiana State

Victoria LaPoe, Western Kentucky

Andrew E. Stoner, Wisconsin-Stevens Point


5:15pm (Refereed Paper)
Be among the audience as we hear presentations from some of our top winning papers for the Montréal conference.  This session will feature up to five of our winning paper presentations.  Be there so you can enjoy the exchange of research information.

7pm (Members’ Meeting)
This is your opportunity to learn of the GLBT interest group and volunteer for an office to contribute to the group.  We look forward to seeing you there.





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